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Mobile Drug Testing in Clifton Park, NY

WorkPlace Screening Centers can offer you laboratory based drug screening with results
in 5 minutes on all negative non DOT drug screens.
All results are reported back to your company by a dedicated web page.
Testing can be scheduled anywhere in the US or Canada.

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mobile drug testingLab testing is essential in our modern world, because it allows our scientists and doctors to tell if a woman is pregnant, if someone is carrying a sexually transmitted disease, or if someone is currently imbibing any illicit substances. Here at Workplace Screening Centers, we are dedicated to making the lab testing process accurate, affordable, and speedy to get you, your doctor, or your lawyer the information you need.

Our 24 hour lab testing center offers many different types of DOT, drug and DNA testing services, from post accident testing services to paternity testing. We can help courts with drug and alcohol testing. There are no hidden fees or surprise billing, so you’ll know exactly what you are paying for and how much it will cost up front.

If there’s a type of test you need, we are sure to help you out and give you the best service imaginable. For more information on our mobile drug testing services, contact Workplace Screening Centers in Clifton Park, NY today.

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