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​Random Drug Testing

Workplace Screening Centers will maintain all your testing records during the year. You will be sent quarterly reports of all testing performed for your company during that time. There is no charge for the record keeping and quarterly reports. At the end of the year, Workplace Screening Centers will prepare the MIS report for you, so you can mail in a DOT physical form if requested.

Our employment drug testing center offers many different types of testing services, from urine drug testing to hair testing. We can help company's with drug testing to ensure that their employees are sober and abiding to the company's standards. There are no hidden fees or surprise billing, so you’ll know exactly what you are paying for and how much it will cost up front.

Workplace Screening Centers will also train your supervisors as required by D.O.T. in the reasonable suspicion observation of employees. This is a 2 hour course, which devotes 1 hour to drug abuse observation and 1 hour of alcohol abuse observation. A video is part of the course as well as study guides.

If you are in need of random drug testing, we are sure to help you out and give you the best service imaginable. For more information on our testing services, contact Workplace Screening Centers in Clifton Park, NY today.