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DNA Testing

DNA lab testing is done to determine many different types of tests. From paternity to the Y-Chromosome test, you will be able to determine the likelihood of a father with his child or the same parental lineage with accurate results. At Workplace Screening Centers, our mission is to provide this service at a much quicker pace.

Workplace Screening Centers provides many 24 hour lab testing services for our customers including drug testing, paternity testing, lead testing, training, policy implementation, and reporting. Here are some of the services we offer.

We also offer twin zygosity and sibling testing. Twin Zygosity will determine whether twins are fraternal or identical. Sibling testing tests the two siblings and reads statistics in other determine if the child is in the same blood line. We also do maternity testing to determine the biological mother of a child.

If you need DNA testing or drug testing services, contact Workplace Screening Centers in Clifton Park, NY today.